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Situations Change, and So Must We

All has been working well for a while and everything has been under control, but there have been problems that are getting harder and harder to manage. And then there is an oops!

A fracture, pneumonia, spouse's death, etc... and what was working before just won't work any longer. No more procrastination, no more sweeping the problems under the rug and fixing it won't be easy.

When you come to this point in your eldercare journey, I can offer one piece of advice that is not dependent on the whatever the particular situation may be..


Wayne Gretzky's famous quote is, "I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been."  That is what caregivers need to do as all. Make changes that will work no only for today, but for the future as well.

If you only fix the immediate situation, you will probably find yourself right back in another crisis that is more demanding and requires another change, and then another after that one.

Change is one of the biggest fears of many elders. Even little changes are disruptive and keeping the elder's routine is very comforting for them. Therefore, it is often the number of changes, rather than the size of the change that is most disruptive for the elder.

Hiring an aide for a few hours may solve today's issues, but what about tomorrow? Will more time be needed, a different aid hired, moving out of the house be needed in the future?

How many different changes will be needed before a long term solution is in place? Now is the time to think ahead and look ahead. Elder Care at Home VB is with you.


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