We provide professional care management, convinced it is central to our clients’ long-term success and their overall quality of life.

By applying a systematic approach, we are able to coordinate multiple service needs to meet, maintain or improve the quality of life.

In addition to empathy and compassion, effective Aging Life Care Management requires skill in these areas: social worker, advisory, management and coordination, planning skills, and sound judgement.

The assessment process requires clinical skills and judgement. Knowledge of community resources and means to accessing them are critical to initiating services.

We tailor our care management to fit your unique concerns, then adjust and evolve it on a regular basis to fit your changing needs.


Services covered:

  • Assessment of needs                 

  • Detailed care planning

  • Coordination of services            

  • Counseling & instruction

  • Advice on local resources         

  • Medication monitoring

  • Interaction with medical staff

  • Household management

  • Long-term care options              

  • Legal and financial issues

  • Education & patient advocacy

  • Monitoring care supervision

  • Family & medical intervention  

  • Crisis management



  1. Personalized and compassionate service - Focusing on the individual’s wants and needs

  2. Accessibility - Being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  3. Continuity of care - Coordinating communication between family members, doctors, other professionals, and service providers

  4. Cost containment - Avoiding inappropriate placements, duplication of services, and unnecessary hospitalizations

  5. Quality control - Aging Life Care services follow ALCA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics