One of the foundational principles at Elder Care at Home of Virginia Beach is that our people are our most important asset. The welfare of our caregivers matters greatly, and we strive to help them be not only the best caregivers in Hampton Roads, but also the best people they can possibly be.

It’s a fact—when you treat your caregivers well, they tend to treat your clients well in return! The same is true of our amazing office staff who tirelessly work as if every case with every client is providing care for their own personal family member.

We treat ALL our clients as family!

Our approach to in-home senior care is successful because we’ve had more than 25 years to refine our game plan.

We have learned what works and what doesn’t, so we stick to our “Top-10” Fundamentals.



Our Top 10 Fundamentals


1. Attract the area’s best employees and CNA-credentialed caregivers and keep them.

2. Serve every client as if they were our only client, and treat them as family.

3. Never grow the business faster than our ability to maintain the highest quality of care possible.

4. Make Care Management central to every case to help keep caregivers accountable to the Care Plan.

5. Rely on the recommendations of our RN’s and caregivers to modify Care Plans as often as necessary.

6. Be a valuable resource on all subjects related to long-term care, and charitably support worthy causes.


7. Constantly explore new ways to improve the services we provide local seniors and their families.

8. Don’t cut corners or take shortcuts with clients - always give 100% effort on every shift. 


9. Maintain a good working relationship with area attorneys, financial planners, and religious advisers to help ensure all the needs and desires of our clients are met. 

10. Always remember why we include a dragonfly in our company logo.


The dragonfly is a symbol of renewal, positive force, and the power of life in general.

Dragonflies live relatively short lives, so they instinctively know they must live life to its fullest everyday - a powerful lesson for us all!